Anchovy 1

January 30 2017
<p>Create a small, easy to build, deep sea R.O.V on a low budget for scientific research.</p> Read background

January 30 2017


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Preparation Stage

So... Setback Numero un, I was told that no (Cheap) motors are waterproof for salt water. Whether or not this is true it is still a problem. I now have to use a brushless motor only for fresh water, at least for the first model. Later on I could get a motor extender or something but either way this is frustrating.

On top of all that, all the stores in my area are highly over priced, and my budget is TINY so now I have to buy online hoping that my parts will arrive in time. If any one has any ideas for the motors it would be greatly appreciated.

Expedition Background

The Anchovy is a simple, long range, deep sea R.O.V. costing (hopefully) under 200 dollars to make and build. It consits of a single piece of pvc with two end caps, 2 motors, a livestream video camera, a gopro, a ballast, some floodlight leds and a thether atached to a buey housing the rf module. Later versions may include depth sensors, gas sensors and other added electronics. Keep in mind this is all in the development stage so feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas at

Sounds cool! Do you have any photos or sketches of what you're planning to create?

Also, how deep are you designing it to go?

Yes, I tried to upload a sketch but I may have tried to upload the wrong file type because it didnt work.